The tree split and fell onto the roof causing extensive damage

During a recent windstorm a very large maple tree split, dropping a branch onto this home in Corvallis Oregon. Within hours of receiving the call, G. Christianson Construction dispatched a few of our staff to control water damage through the night. The homeowners were former clients of ours and immediately requested that we do the repair work.

Extensive interior damage from the tree

The pictures show our crew cutting and removing the branch in 350 pound sections using an innovative lifting device known as a “wall jack” and a chainsaw. You can see that six of the roof trusses were broken by the tree causing extensive interior damage. We secured emergency permits and replaced the damaged trusses and rebuilt the roof and ceilings, as well as the HVAC system and electrical wiring. The hole in the roof from the tree caused water damage to the oak hardwood floors despite our quick response, tarps and wet vacuums. We replaced part of the flooring and then refinished the balance of the room’s floor to match.

G. Christianson Construction negotiated with the insurance agent on behalf of the owner and was able to get the owner fully compensated for the cost of the repairs.

While we were repairing the roof the owners asked us to increase the overhangs on the front of the home to create a new covered walkway. The owners of the home were very grateful for our quick response and are looking forward to working with us on their next remodeling project.

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Tanner lowers sections of the tree off the roof

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