Christianson Construction is pleased to announce that Carl Christianson became President of G. Christianson Construction on July 1, 2014. Greg Christianson, former President and father to Carl, is transitioning to Vice President. Greg will continue to work part-time for the company until he formally retires at the end of 2015.

Christianson Construction started in 1986 when Greg, his wife Rose, and their two sons moved to Corvallis from Alaska. They build custom homes and remodel both commercial and residential projects, small or large. They specialize in complex and environmentally responsible remodels and additions, as well as designing and building for those who wish to Age-In Place.

They also have participated in building and remodeling projects for various local nonprofits. They constructed the bridge at the Audubon Society’s Hesthavn Nature Center and have remodeled part of the farmhouse and barn owned by Greenbelt Land Trust at Bald Hill Farm. G. Christianson Construction is also a corporate supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis.

Greg plans to travel, fish, and bird watch during his semi-retirement. He also hopes to volunteer at some local schools and with local environmental nonprofits. In his new role as Vice President, Greg is looking forward to mentoring their employees in carpentry and project management, as well as his son Carl, in the running of a successful construction business so G. Christianson Construction will continue to be a top-notch general contractor in the Corvallis area.

Another article in our ongoing series about ways that we can save you money on energy costs and increase your home comfort.

Uncontrolled air leakage in your home can cause increased heating and cooling costs, drafty uncomfortable rooms, and potentially expose your family to unhealthy crawlspace air. In older homes we frequently find that very little effort was made to control air leaks. On all of our projects we pay careful attention to sealing penetrations in the building envelope. That includes plumbing, mechanical and electrical penetrations as well as windows and doors.  For example, you can often feel cold outside air coming in through the wall under your kitchen sink where the plumbing pipes come through the wall.

Air leakage can occur at any location between conditioned and unconditioned spaces where incomplete air barriers exist (like where plumbers drill holes through the wood framing to get into the crawlspace). We typically use materials such as plywood, oriented strand board, drywall, sheetmetal, and foam board to block large openings. For smaller leaks and around pipes we will use spray foam and caulk. Even if your walls are insulated, a typical fiberglass insulation batt will allow a lot of air to flow through.

If you suspect your home has air leaks or drafty spots, our BPI certified technician can come and test your home with our Blower Door, Duct Leakage Pan and Smoke Pen and help find your leaks.  He will work with you to find a good solution to solve your air leaks and add insulation to save you money on your heating bills. Call us now to save money on your heating bills and keep unhealthy crawlspace air out of your home. 541-754-6326

– Carl

Today, G. Christianson Construction donated our lead carpenter Tanner’s time for a full day supervising the site. Tanner is busy overseeing a group of volunteers hanging siding, building a deck and painting.

Last weekend, G. Christianson Construction volunteered with Habitat for Humanity’s National Women’s Build Week event in Philomath. On Saturday, I helped with siding and on Sunday I volunteered as the project’s site supervisor. We also donated $250 to support the construction effort.

This year Habitat is re-siding a home in Philomath to help keep a single mother with three children in her home. The house’s old T1-11 siding was installed directly onto the framing with no vapor barrier or sheathing, the only thing that would keep water out is the caulk around the windows. As you can guess, this caulk had failed and water was coming in around her windows in every rainstorm. This project will replace her windows, install new siding, insulation, trim and paint her house. We are excited to be helping out.

Supervising at Habitat for Humanity

–          Carl

As a local small business, we find that many of our customers, suppliers and subcontractors are close like family. We recently lost one of our extended family in the untimely passing of Alex Malcomb. Her father Rob has been a friend of the company for at least 20 years as well as a concrete subcontractor. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Malcomb family.



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Greg Earns Certified Aging in Place Specialist Designation

Congratulations to Greg! He earned the Certified Aging in Place Specialist designation from the National Association of Home Builders. This program provides professionals the training and knowledge to enable them to accommodate the needs of the aging population of Corvallis. It’s important that you live in a home that is safe, secure and easy to move around in. To remain in your home, hallways may need to be widened, ramps installed and kitchens and bathrooms redesigned.

For example, on a current bathroom remodel, our clients requested help creating an accessible, modern design. Greg is working with our designer to eliminate tripping hazards, add grab bars, remove the slippery flooring, widening doorways and add lighting. We are also designing a ramp with handrails and an automatic opener for the front door.

Greg understands accessibility issues on a personal level. Greg and G. Christianson Construction built a new accessible home for his aging parents as well as an accessible Master Suite Addition for his own home.

Greg’s CAPS certified professional training includes the unique needs of seniors, modifying homes so you can live there longer as you age and addressing the most common barriers in a home.

If you are concerned about making your home ‘aging ready’, Greg Christianson a CAPS certified professional would be very helpful in making sure your future needs are addressed during your remodeling project. Please call us at 541-754-6326 if you would like to find out more.

Greg can help you find accessibility solutions


Google Sketchup Model of Handicap Ramp


Certified Aging In Place Specialist

The Corvallis Gazette Times had a brief article in the business section about our newest employee Carl Christianson.

Christianson joins construction firm: G. Christianson Construction in Corvallis has added new superintendent Carl Christianson. Christianson is a Corvallis native. He attended Crescent Valley High School, and graduated from Oregon State University with an honors degree in construction engineering management. He just finished five years with Hoffman Construction in Seattle, building the 42-story Bellevue Towers condominiums and remodeling two community hospitals.


Our newest employee

Carl has an extensive background in commerical work and remodeling

We are very excited about our newest employee Carl Christianson. Carl is a Corvallis native, he attended Crescent Valley High and Oregon State University where he received a honors degree in Construction Engineering Management with a minor in Business Administration. He comes to us after working with Hoffman Construction for 5 ½ years in Seattle, Bellevue, Bend, Arlington and Shelton, Washington. Carl’s experience includes coordinating with architects, supervising crews, resolving conflicts, custom work with clients, troubleshooting complicated systems, quality control, scheduling and estimating. He is excited about the new opportunity here in Corvallis with a respected local builder, “I’m thrilled not to travel every year to a new city, and I’m really grateful to come home every night to my wife Julie.” According to Carl, “Hoffman generally takes only the most prestigious, challenging building projects in the northwest, including the Seattle Library, the Seattle EMP building, and the Intel factories among many others. They provided me a wealth of knowledge about commercial construction, and mentored me in the importance of being honest, trustworthy, and always doing the right thing for the customer.” While he was at Hoffman he worked on the following projects:


Bellevue Towers Condominiums Sales Office

Carl’s role included:

  1. Reviewing the design and managing the installation of the custom cabinetry, custom open gas fireplace, gold leafed art glass, conference rooms, and offices.
  2. Supervising the installation of two versions of Condo mockups.
  3. Overseeing the installation of the executive offices with reclaimed old growth Douglas fir desks.


Bellevue Towers

  1. Carl helped review the design and construction of the Lobbies, the Common Areas including: the Gym, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Library, Great Room, and Roof Terrace Park.
  2. He coordinated the details, schedule and installation of Schoenfeld’s Custom Condominium.
  3. Carl oversaw the paperwork required for LEED Gold Certification.
  4. He helped his superintendent manage the build out of 50 condominiums and their punchlists.
  5. He managed the site utilities and street work, mostly on nightshift.
  6. He helped oversee the installation of the shoring and the parking structure.


Cascade Valley Hospital

  1. Hoffman constructed a new addition for the Emergency Department, Cafeteria, Lobby, Laboratory and Pharmacy. Carl reviewed the design and helped manage this construction.
  2. Carl and a superintendent oversaw the facelift to the existing wing for the Inpatient, Surgery, Administration, ICU and Nursery departments.
  3. The hospital was remodeled in small phases to keep all departments in operation. Carl negotiated with the hospital’s administrators and department leaders to find a plan that would minimize impact and keep the project on schedule. The small phases required intensive oversight and management to keep the impact to the hospital at a minimum.


BendBroadband Vault

  1. Carl was involved in a project that remodeled a warehouse for use as a green Tier III secure data co-location facility (similar to the Facebook data center in Prineville).
  2. Carl helped oversee the installation of dual 2.5MW generators and flywheels to provide continuous power with redundancy for the servers.
  3. Carl also helped oversee the installation of 152KW of Solar Panels to reduce the site’s carbon emissions.
  4. He was also involved with installing the pervious asphalt and xeriscape landscaping to reduce site runoff and irrigation needs.


Mason County General Hospital

  1. Carl and a superintendent oversaw and coordinated the demolition, sitework, excavation, foundations and installation of concrete tiltup panels.

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