Corvallis Weatherization Incentive Program is a fantastic resource for upgrading your homes comfort and lowering your enviromental footprint. Adding things like insulation in crawlspace or attic areas is a great way to keep the temperature witin your house more stable and lowering the demand on your homes heating and cooling.

Sealing leaky ducts that loose conditioned air to the outside environment will mean better performance out of your existing equiptment. many people first contact HVAC companies when they have poor heating and cooling unaware that the conditioned air they pay for is being lost to outside areas. Before you look at the expensive side of the equasion, look at having a an expert evaluate the ducts to see if leakage is a problem. It doesnt make much of a dent for heating and cooling if the air you condition never makes it to the location you desire.

Establishing good interior thremal boundaries will keep your home warmer or cooler for longer periods of time before the equiptment needs to work to condition the air again. Wraping the ductwork that contains your heated or cooled air will ensure that the loss of temperature doesnt take place between the furnace and the vents within the rooms. This is a relatively inexpensive way to make a large difference in the efficiency of your existing equipment.

Nothing is more frustrating to me than seeing clients pay for expensvive furnace or AC replacment when their existing delivery system is in complete failure.

Start small, make informed decisions befor replacing your equipment. Make a difference! The current incentive money available to most home owners makes today more than ever a great tiem to upgrade inefficient homes.

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