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Carl has an extensive background in commerical work and remodeling

We are very excited about our newest employee Carl Christianson. Carl is a Corvallis native, he attended Crescent Valley High and Oregon State University where he received a honors degree in Construction Engineering Management with a minor in Business Administration. He comes to us after working with Hoffman Construction for 5 ½ years in Seattle, Bellevue, Bend, Arlington and Shelton, Washington. Carl’s experience includes coordinating with architects, supervising crews, resolving conflicts, custom work with clients, troubleshooting complicated systems, quality control, scheduling and estimating. He is excited about the new opportunity here in Corvallis with a respected local builder, “I’m thrilled not to travel every year to a new city, and I’m really grateful to come home every night to my wife Julie.” According to Carl, “Hoffman generally takes only the most prestigious, challenging building projects in the northwest, including the Seattle Library, the Seattle EMP building, and the Intel factories among many others. They provided me a wealth of knowledge about commercial construction, and mentored me in the importance of being honest, trustworthy, and always doing the right thing for the customer.” While he was at Hoffman he worked on the following projects:


Bellevue Towers Condominiums Sales Office  http://www.ziba.com/work/gerding-edlen-bellevue/#/work/gerding-edlen-bellevue/

Carl’s role included:

  1. Reviewing the design and managing the installation of the custom cabinetry, custom open gas fireplace, gold leafed art glass, conference rooms, and offices.
  2. Supervising the installation of two versions of Condo mockups.
  3. Overseeing the installation of the executive offices with reclaimed old growth Douglas fir desks.


Bellevue Towers www.bellevuetowers.com

  1. Carl helped review the design and construction of the Lobbies, the Common Areas including: the Gym, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Library, Great Room, and Roof Terrace Park.
  2. He coordinated the details, schedule and installation of Schoenfeld’s Custom Condominium.
  3. Carl oversaw the paperwork required for LEED Gold Certification.
  4. He helped his superintendent manage the build out of 50 condominiums and their punchlists.
  5. He managed the site utilities and street work, mostly on nightshift.
  6. He helped oversee the installation of the shoring and the parking structure.


Cascade Valley Hospital http://www.cascadevalley.org/

  1. Hoffman constructed a new addition for the Emergency Department, Cafeteria, Lobby, Laboratory and Pharmacy. Carl reviewed the design and helped manage this construction.
  2. Carl and a superintendent oversaw the facelift to the existing wing for the Inpatient, Surgery, Administration, ICU and Nursery departments.
  3. The hospital was remodeled in small phases to keep all departments in operation. Carl negotiated with the hospital’s administrators and department leaders to find a plan that would minimize impact and keep the project on schedule. The small phases required intensive oversight and management to keep the impact to the hospital at a minimum.


BendBroadband Vault http://www.bendbroadbandvault.com/

  1. Carl was involved in a project that remodeled a warehouse for use as a green Tier III secure data co-location facility (similar to the Facebook data center in Prineville).
  2. Carl helped oversee the installation of dual 2.5MW generators and flywheels to provide continuous power with redundancy for the servers.
  3. Carl also helped oversee the installation of 152KW of Solar Panels to reduce the site’s carbon emissions.
  4. He was also involved with installing the pervious asphalt and xeriscape landscaping to reduce site runoff and irrigation needs.


Mason County General Hospital http://www.masongeneral.com/surgery_addition.htm

  1. Carl and a superintendent oversaw and coordinated the demolition, sitework, excavation, foundations and installation of concrete tiltup panels.

A Corvallis sorority called us recently with an urgent construction concern. The girls had gathered on the fire escape for a group photo, suddenly the escape lurched slightly as the lag bolts started to pull out of the building’s walls. Fortunately, no one was injured. The sorority asked G. Christianson Construction, a Corvallis remodeling and new construction firm, to come by and fix the fire escape. We brought our structural engineer along to help us find the problem and devise a solution.


During the fire escape inspection we found that the bolts were no longer secured to the house’s framing, due in part to age, dry rot and rust. Our structural engineer was concerned about the fire escape failing and prescribed a temporary fix. The sorority house asked us to fabricate and replace the escape over winter break. However, there wasn’t enough time to get the steel fabricated before the live-in students returned, so with the engineer’s advice we devised and installed a temporary fix.  We poured two new concrete pads underneath the fire escape, designed to also function with the replacement fire escape. Then we installed 6×6 wood posts to temporarily support the escape.


When summer break arrived we successfully constructed the new steel fire escape. The sorority was happy with the summertime work because they didn’t need to close the house while we removed and replaced their only fire escape. The remodeling went well and our client was very happy with our work.

Originally the driveway on this project had been compacted gravel with poured concrete curbs on either side. In order to install pavers the top 3” of driveway gravel was removed. The disturbed gravel was compacted with a roller compactor. A one inch thick layer of bedding sand was placed on the gravel base. Pavers were installed by hand on the prepared base. Holland series pavers were installed in a herringbone pattern. This driveway was approximately 1525 square feet. Pavers were cut to fit the edges of the driveway. Polymeric sand, a compound to reduce grass and weed penetration of the pavers, was swept between the pavers. One of the advantages of using the pavers (as opposed to asphalt or concrete) is that if in the future a pipe needs to be laid under the driveway or a tree root lifts part of the driveway, the pavers can be removed, repairs made and then replaced. The final product is an elegant and functional driveway.

Holland Series, herringbone pattern

Laying driveway pavers

Holland Series, Herringbone pattern

Completed driveway with new pavers.

According to the designer, one of the most difficult parts of designing a new addition is the transition area between the existing room and the new addition. In this addition the designer achieved the success that she strove for. The new room blends seamlessly into the existing room. A corner cabinet was removed and the east wall of the existing family room was opened up. A small hallway was created to access the new master bedroom. A small 2’x5’ window gave the hallway plenty of light. A sconce to match the bedroom fixtures was also placed on the wall of the master entry. New cabinetry was added to the family room to house the media equipment. The cabinetry was recessed into the wall in common with the master walk in closet. Doors were built in the back side of the recessed entertainment center (accessed from the master closet) to facilitate installation or adjustment of all the AV equipment.

AV cabinet

Original corner cabinet in family room.

built in cabinetry, entry way,

New AV cabinet and entry into master suite addition.

built in cabinet, av cabinet, easy access

Access to the AV cabinet from the master walk in closet makes for easy installation and changes.

The porcelain tiles used in the master bathroom are Florida Legend in Olympic color. They are manmade although they appear to be slate. To give the room continuity and yet give it a distinctive flair different sized tiles were used. 18” tiles were used on the shower walls and also on the bathroom floor. Above the 18” wall tiles in the shower is a complementary accent of 2” United Desert Gold Quartzite slate and then 12” square tiles. A 2”x2” Florida Legend tile was used on the shower floor. The grout was Almond Accu color #984. The shower is handicapped accessible without a door or threshold. Two Grohe Arden shower heads and controls were installed with matching sink and tub faucets. An ADA approved white slatted phenolic folding shower seat was attached to the back wall. The seat can be folded up for ease of cleaning. A built in shampoo niche adds a distinctive accent. A Fiber Fab 710 jetted soaking tub with tile skirting and a Toto Drake 2 flush option ADA toilet complete the fixtures. A 4’x4’ skylight plus two large windows provide plenty of natural light in the master bathroom. The vanity countertop as well as window sills throughout the addition are composed of Caesarstone man-made silica composite material. The custom cabinetry was built with a recessed area under one sink so that a wheel chair can access the sink.

porcelain tile, accent tiles, phenolic folding shower seat

Custom built handicap accessible tile shower

handicap accessible, custom tile, custom cabinet, silestone

Custom built cabinet in handicap accessible master bathroom

In addition to the radiant floor heating which offered a constant diffused heat, the owners wanted a source of immediate heat. A small Hampton Timberline H15 gas stove was installed. The fan option was added which significantly increases the heat distribution. The stove has an enamel coating and is very attractive. It was found to be useful upon returning from a length of time away from the home. To provide for air conditioning for the master bedroom suite an energy efficient Mitsubishi outdoor heat pump unit (MUY-GEO9NA) with an indoor head was installed. This Mitsubishi unit has an energy efficiency rating of 21.0 SEER and a cooling capacity of 9000 Btu/hr.
energy efficient gas stove, heat source, energy efficient

Milgard Montecito vinyl windows were installed in the master addition to complement the vinyl windows of the existing home. The windows were ordered to comply with federal tax credit energy requirements. The 45 degree angle bay window is 8 foot x 5 foot with a 24” projection and 24” side flanking windows. The sliding patio door is a two paneled 5’11” x 6’ 10” white Andersen maple door with a clear interior finish. The door’s glazing has high performance smart/sun glass, with low E-4 tempered glass and rubbed bronze door hardware. The interior doors are clear Hemlock 4 panel doors with shaker panels. The door hardware chosen was the Ribbon and Reed lever handles from Emtek manufacturing.
federal tax credit, low e, argon filled,

To comfortably and economically heat this addition, radiant floor heating was chosen as the heating source. The heated floors were found both in the bathroom under tile and in the bedroom under the oak hardwood flooring. With radiant floor heating different zones can be set up for different rooms. The bathroom and bedroom each have different digital temperature controls so that the rooms can remain at different temperatures. Typically radiant floor heating systems operate either by circulating warm water through a network of pipes placed in the floor or electric resistance wiring placed in the floor. For this project, hundreds of feet of cross linked polyethylene piping was fixed to the subfloor and a thin light weight concrete slab was poured over both the piping and the subfloor. The heat source used to heat the water was the existing boiler for the home. Engineered I joists where used as the floor system, they were filled with blown in fiberglass batts and R-10 rigid board insulation was installed below the I joist system in the crawl space. The homeowner has found that stepping onto heated hardwood or tile floors to be very comfortable.

polyethylene piping, heated floors, master suite addition

Laying polyethylene piping for radiant floor heating

The Master bedroom suite room addition was approximately 550 square feet. The wall height was determined in order to match up the fascia from the addition and the existing house. The homeowners wanted extra insulation for comfort as well as energy efficiency. Wherever possible the contractor utilized the Blown in Blanket System (BIBS). BIBS is a patented insulation system in which a fibrous netting is tightly stapled to the interior face of the studs and then chopped formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation is blown behind the netting. When correctly installed this process will not settle over time, packs in around wires and other obstructions and has no voids. Additionally, 1 inch rigid R-Max foam was nailed to the interior of the stud covering the BIBS in the exterior walls.
The I joist floor framing (containing the plumbing and Hydronic heat home runs) were also filled with R-38 BIBS which was covered with Gorilla Wrap air barrier paper. R-67 BIBS was used in the vaulted scissor trusses and R-23 was utilized in the 2×6 walls. Where BIBS was not usable, unfaced formaldehyde free R-50 batts were used. The owners are pleased with the resulting comfort and energy efficiency of the room.

Blow in Blanket System

Blowing Fiber over Foam

This remodel was driven by the need for a handicap accessible master suite. The first option the homeowners explored was to remodel their existing second floor bathroom to make it handicap accessible and to install an elevator or lift to the second floor level. That option was deemed awkward (there just was no good place to install an elevator) and thus was less desirable (from an appearance sake and resale value) than to add a handicap accessible master suite on the first floor. The designer was able to design the new addition so that it actually enhanced the existing structure. A corner cabinet in the existing family room was removed, being replaced by an entry hall into the master bedroom and bathroom suite. In order to accomplish this the hot tub was relocated and the deck reduced slightly to accommodate the room addition. The deck can now be accessed from both the family room and the new bedroom. An entrance and hallway from the garage was constructed so the bedroom can be accessed directly by another entrance. When the need arises, a handicap ramp can be built from the garage into the bedroom.
ADA, handicap accessible, custom remodelhardwood floors, swedish finish, ada, ada, soaking tub, heated tile floors, roll-in shower, custom cabinetryada, roll-in shower,

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