Here are some photos of the recent progress made for our recent green build.
The second floor decking is now down and we have started the next lift of our ICF walls. Progress is a bit slower on this level due to the window/ door buck framing for the IFC’s.
Remember that the ICF’s are poured in lifts of about 3′ so a typical wall of 9′ will take three pours to complete and rebar must be added and tied in along the way for each lift. Preparation to ensure that the rebar is in the proper location so as not to interfere with the ICF webbing and window or door location is needed. Beam heights, locations and other info is critical here and forethought to rough openeing sized should be confirmed prior to reaching this point. As the type of construction benefits being gained are strength and insulation value it is best to pay attention and get it right rather than oversize things and infill with framing later. Doing this latter approach will only increase air leakage and reduce insulation values and possibly lead to future loss of performance.

Now we can finally see where this project is headed.

View from the basement

Turret and spiral staircase in ICF

View of the garage from the second floor

Posts visible for the future beam on the window wall

Second level of the ICF walls begining

Second level of the ICF walls begining

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