Comfort in the Home vs. Energy Savings

Carl Christianson

Insulation upgrades: When does it make a difference?

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Window Upgrades with ETO and Federal Tax Credits

Carl Christianson

Were you aware that the Energy Trust of Oregon as well as the Federal Government gives you money for upgrading your house?

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GCCI has just completed PTCS certification: What does it all mean?

Carl Christianson

When was the last time you made sure your ducting was secure and efficient?

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What our Clients are Saying

“It was a good experience. We have used them a couple of times. They did very high quality work and I would not change any detail. They were very responsive. We did not really have any problems with them. They were right on schedule towards completing the project but their price was a little bit high.”

Bart Eleveld, Corvallis

“I’ve had major renovations done on four houses, including a 100 year old 3-story townhouse in Chicago, this has been by far the best and smoothest remodel experience in my life”

David Fiske and Valerie Lau, Corvallis

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“It was a wonderful experience from start to finish, Caring and knowledgeable and competent. Work completed right on schedule, excellent attention to detail. I will call again for future work.”

Laila Cusick, Corvallis