Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Addition

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Addition

This quaint 800 sqft house located in Central Corvallis contained only 1 Bathroom to share between the family of four living in this home, and thus was in major need of a second Bathroom. We added several feet onto the back of the house, with half of the addition containing the new primary bathroom and the other half containing a covered porch. To maximize floor plan space, we installed a recirculation pump instead of a dedicated water heater. This gorgeous new bathroom not only provides increased functionality in the home, but is also an oasis for the homeowners with the double faucet sink in the vanity, natural daylight, tiled shower with a frameless glass barn door slider, and material selections that thoughtfully blend relaxing beach themes and cozy farmhouse styles.

Project Details

Custom Mirror

Designer Elizabeth envisioned a custom mirror, creating an intentional window and mirror relationship to contribute to the spacious feeling of this Bath despite it’s size. We installed the thin single hung windows, and then replicated the finished heights of the windows for the mirror height and fabricated the mirror width to fit perfectly between the two windows. The mirror frame and window casings were built to align perfectly with each other.

Double Faucet

This trough sink with two faucets provides a fantastic space-saving alternative to a double sink vanity! Two people can use the sink, yet plenty of space is reserved for cabinet drawer storage.

Barn Door Shower Glass

A prominent feature of this bathroom is the barn door-style shower glass enclosure with matte black hardware. The glass shower enclosure opens the bathroom, making it feel larger, and the barn door-style door not only fits in with the modern farmhouse-style that this bathroom is styled in, but also doesn't open into the travel path like typical hinged shower doors do. There is great value in good design, when executed well, it can greatly elevate a project like this.

Beadboard Door and Drawer Style

A beadboard door and drawer style was selected for the vanity as a perfect way to blend the envisioned Bathroom aesthetic of beachy and farmhouse. It also adds character without overwhelming this small bathroom space, helping to create its cozy and comfortable environment.

Marmoleum Flooring

We installed marmoleum flooring in this Bathroom, as a sustainable flooring alternative to vinyl flooring. Marmoleum is made from raw materials, produced CO2 neutral, recyclable and is a durable choice for a Bathroom, as it is water resistant and easy to clean. The proportions of this Bathroom allowed the marmoleum to create a wood floor-look for this space.

Forbo Marmoleum »

What our Clients are Saying

“Carl came up with a few different designs to shade the front windows from sun during the summer. The designs were done with software that could show the amount of shading and view from different angles, including from inside the house, at different times of the year. This was very helpful in visualizing the designs and making decisions.”

Brian Lee, Corvallis

“The designer, Elizabeth, was amazingly talented. Her knowledge of ADA construction details and resources was impressive. Not only did she succeed at designing bathrooms, toilets, and a kitchen that are fully ADA-compliant, but they are aesthetically beautiful as well as functional and practical. I had never heard of 'flying toe kicks' before, but they make it so easy for me or my husband to sit in a chair while washing dishes or preparing food in the kitchen. I had also never heard of ADA-compliant appliances, but Elizabeth had - and they make life so much easier! Cooking in my new kitchen is now a dream rather than a nightmare. ”

Barbara Shields, Corvallis, OR

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