Using green building practices for over 30 years

G. Christianson Construction is an award-winning Earth Advantage Builder, recognized for our achievements in sustainable & energy efficient construction in Corvallis. We use a variety of environmentally-responsible systems and materials to create superior energy efficiency and indoor air quality in your home.


A passive house maximizes home comfort and saves up to 70% on your energy bill. G. Christianson is at the forefront of Passive Building in Oregon.

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Use Durable Materials

Using durable materials lengthens the amount of time before there is a need to replace and discard old materials to a landfill.

Solar Panels

For this project, we helped design and install a system that install a system that includes 40 solar panels. This saves 11 tons of carbon pollution per year, and provides about $1,500 savings per year. Super insulation. Energy-efficient appliances. No drafts or thermal bridging. At G. Christianson Construction, our energy-efficient approach makes it possible to maintain a stable, comfortable temperature in your home with less energy, at less cost.

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Remove Your Chimney

Chimneys are dangerous during natural disasters, and also leak a tremendous amount of heated air out of the home. We recommend removing or sealing your chimney.

Air Tight Windows & Doors

If your home is uncomfortable, drafty, or cold, you should consider upgrading your windows and doors to be air tight. It can also reduce your home’s carbon footprint. We can block drafts, help you select low-VOC materials, and incorporate systems that will lower your utility bills, improve air quality, and add to your comfort.

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Add Ceiling & Underfloor Insulation

Lack of insulation in the attic is the number one cause of energy loss in a home. We can offer air sealing and insulation solutions to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Underfloors are also a major source of heat loss, and supply crawlspace air into your home.

Comfort and Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

In a leaky older home, unhealthy air is drawn naturally through the crawlspace into your home. We can greatly improve your indoor air quality by air sealing your floors and ceilings, and providing filtered, outside air through a Fresh Air HRV System.

Insulated Exterior Walls

During siding replacement, we always encourage your to add continuous exterior insulation. This prevents energy loss through your wood framing, increases siding durability, reduces air leaks, and decreases moisture intrusion.

Migrate Away from Natural Gas

Electricity can be powered by renewable resources thus reducing global climate change. Electricity also eliminates the risk of gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning. Check out Electrify Corvallis for more information!

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Electric Cars

Electric Cars are easier to maintain, have lower costs, and have no fuel emissions. We can future proof your home by preparing your garage for electric cars and batteries. We can also also fast-changing electrical outlets in your garage.

Energy Upgrade Services

  • Install solar electric PV panels
  • Add insulation to walls, floors and attics
  • Air seal to reduce heat loss
  • Test & seal leaky ductwork
  • Replace old windows
  • Replace inefficient heating systems
  • Mini-split heat pumps
  • Design with solar best practices
  • Build with reused, recycled, FSC or green products
  • Paint and carpet with low VOC
  • Formaldehyde-free paint and carpet
  • Install LED lighting systems
  • Build raised heel trusses
  • Add heat recovery ventilators
  • Tankless and heat pump water heaters
  • Build with ICF
  • Build with insulated concrete block walls
  • and much more

What our Clients are Saying

“G. Christianson Construction has completed two remodel projects in my home, both with stellar results. They were very good at solving problems, explaining options, costs, and potential solutions, and I always felt comfortable asking questions. I always knew when and what was going to be happening, and everyone on the crew was easy to work with (and have around!). I highly recommend them because of the high quality of work, they are easy to work with, responsive to concerns, and always available for any follow-up.”

Marilyn Erway, Corvallis, OR

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“We were beyond impressed with the level of professionalism, communication, execution, and customer service from the entire G. Christianson team. Our design meetings were a lot of fun and never felt stressful. In fact, the entire process never felt stressful. When it came time for their team to start construction, everyone was so professional and so nice and always made it a point to make sure we were satisfied. Execution was flawless. There weren’t any surprises, and the cost was exactly what we were told at the beginning. We especially loved the cabinet team, and got to know them well. Additionally, I know that if we were ever to encounter an issue in the future, I can always call the team and know it’ll be taken care of.”

Kathy & Jason Lin, Corvallis, OR

“I had always heard how difficult remodels are on relationships & families, GCC listened to my every request and made me feel that my concerns and requests would be addressed to my satisfaction. While it was for me a big project, it was abundantly clear my satisfaction was GCC's goal. GCC strives for high quality if not perfection and expects the highest standards to be met. Everyone who comes to my home marvels at the design & craftsmanship. What more could a customer ask for?”

Marisabel Gouverneur

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