Spacious & Modern Kitchen

A Seamless Rustic and Modern Blend

This kitchen uses both rustic and modern elements to create an open and inviting space. After exploring different floor plan options, the final design features maximized storage space by using large pantry-style cabinets with a charming rustic cross pattern in the doors, a large island that contains seating and storage including a lowered dining table on the end, a perfect work triangle between the sink, stove, and refrigerator, and a cute window seat. Unique details such as paneled ends on the refrigerator cabinet, cabinet pulls, and ornate table legs enkindle the desired feel of the Kitchen.

“I can honestly say that I wouldn't have the kitchen that I love if it weren't for Carl! His attention to details made a huge difference, he would notice things that I hadn't even noticed. They do great work and they are good people, from Carl and the office staff to all the subs. ”

Mary & Kory Jackson, Corvallis

Project Details

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Creating an Open Floor Plan

These homeowners desired to open up their Kitchen to increase storage space and improve the flow of entertaining guests. We removed the wall containing the cooktop, ovens, and fridge to open the Kitchen into the adjacent room. The result contains increased pantry storage, and a large island that better accommodates guests in the Kitchen.

Dining table corner detail

Wood Countertop Accent

The wood countertop at the island distinguishes the island as an elegant piece of furniture, which ties perfectly into the lowered built-in dining table on the end of the island. Selecting this unique stepped countertop edge completes the desired furniture look.

Egg Divots

Mary loves to bake, so she requested that we add egg divots in the marble countertops to keep her eggs from rolling away. We weren't surprised when Mary took over the Great Harvest Bakery in Corvallis!

Built-in Dining Table

The end of the island features a built-in dining table at the lowered typical table height. It features custom table legs painted to match the cabinetry and the same countertop and edge profile.

Utensil Pullout

This Kitchen is full of cabinetry organization pullouts to ensure all the necessary utensils, trays, spices, etc. are in the most functional location for this avid baker!

Baking Center

This Kitchen features a Baking Center cabinet, which contains wide drawers below for storage, and a concealed countertop that is easily accessible and hidden by large bi-folding doors. This pantry contains the baking essentials - mixers, flour, sugar, measuring tools, etc. and features egg divots in the marble countertop to keep her eggs from rolling away!

What our Clients are Saying

“Since 2011, we've removed, repaired, load tested or replaced most of the fire escapes around OSU. Please call us for advice on your fire escape.”

Carl Christianson, Owner

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“We love our kitchen!”

Chris and Cindy Boos, Corvallis

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“G. Christianson is so much more than a construction company, they are like having additional partners. They saved me nearly $90,000 that I was able to reinvest into my business. If you're looking for a company that's going to invest more into you than you invest in them, these are your guys. ☺️”

Brock Binder, owner of High Quality

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