5 Tips for Creating a Successful Home Office

G. Christianson Construction

We asked the GCCI designers for tips to designing a productive, efficient, and enjoyable office space to elevate workflow in the comfort of your home.

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The Best Craftsmanship – Dovetail Joinery

G. Christianson Construction

Why should contractors use the dovetail joinery technique?

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Custom Kitchen Corner Shelving

G. Christianson Construction

This unique detail works perfect as a way to soften a harsh corner and display your valued possessions.

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What our Clients are Saying

“We have been very happy with the work done by G. Christianson Construction on our somewhat unusual project. They have done a great job with a lot of attention to detail and have offered several suggestions that improved the final result. I heartily recommend them.”

Ernie Colantonio - Corvallis

“Excellent company! Working with G. Christianson Construction was an easy process. Carl Christianson was available and accessible every step of the way. We wanted to work with some of our identified sub contractors and welcomed the professional quality of those provided through the general contractor. Our commercial project was provided the same expert attention of other high end custom projects. Experience, expertise and genuine interest was evident in the professional advice that completed the project within budgeted cost and schedule. HIGHLY recommended!”

Tim Love, Corvallis

“Since 2011, we've removed, repaired, load tested or replaced most of the fire escapes around OSU. Please call us for advice on your fire escape.”

Carl Christianson, Owner

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