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Add Sunlight to Your Home with a Sunroom

Carl Christianson

Bring the outdoors and sunshine into your home. We recently completed a spectacularly beautiful sunroom for Richard and Cynthia. We worked previously with Cynthia on her business and because of our relationship, she felt comfortable asking us to build this Corvallis sunroom. The inspiration for this project came from the desire to have the ambiance of an outdoor hot tub, but without Corvallis’ cold wet weather.

The sunroom adds a warm, bright 325 square feet just outside their kitchen and living room. This is the perfect addition if you are suffering from Corvallis’ cloudy weather. To accomplish Richard and Cynthia’s dream, we turned to Westview Sunroom

Westview Sunroom and Corvallis local Susan Harthun teamed up to create a design to accomplish the homeowner’s desires.

One of the charms of the sunroom is the stained and finished Douglas fir glulam beams. These beams support the glass roof.  In addition, the sunroom includes two operable skylights, a nine foot wide bifold door, a full glass roof system and full glass walls. We installed 3” of insulation over their old outdoor patio and then poured a new stamped concrete floor which is a great indoor/outdoor floor surface.

The sunroom project included a large hot tub which adds a lot of humidity to the air. To counteract this, we installed a Mitsubishi ductless mini split heating and cooling unit. The model we used is very energy efficient and works well as a dehumidifier. We also installed a big screen TV and entertainment center.

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