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Andre’s Home October Update

Carl Christianson

We have made a lot of progress this summer and fall on Andre’s new home in Monroe, OR. We worked consistently throughout the summer framing, installing metal roofing, insulating and drywalling his home. We painted and installed concrete sidewalks before the rains started. We also just installed the custom Marvin aluminum clad windows and doors, including the back patio door assembly that weighs 500 pounds! It took our usual crew and a few helpers to install it. We will be starting interior trim and the balance of the interior finishes and look forward to posting the final photos for your to see as well. We plan to meet the owner’s Thanksgiving completion schedule.

The floors of the home are made of 3” of polished concrete. The concrete is poured after the house is framed and then we polish it just before painting, these floors look spectacular. The progress photos really don’t capture the magnificence of the floors.

It has been a real privilege as a company to work on some of the most leading edge, energy efficient homes in the past few years. Especially because it allows us to hone the advanced techniques we study and build spectacular homes.

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