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Andre’s New Custom Home

Carl Christianson

Andre came to us this spring looking to build a custom home in Monroe, Oregon (south Benton County). He had already jump started the process by having his friend (an engineer) draw up the design and he began searching for property to build on. We helped him refine his material selections and design. I also used Google Sketchup to build a 3D model of his home, so he could visualize the great room. Andre agreed that we would be the best contractor for his project. We broke ground on June 5th.

We have made good progress on Andre’s custom home. Last month we started by excavating and pouring concrete foundations and walls for his new home. This month we framed for the main floor and on Monday will pour the elevated floor slab for a polished concrete finished floor. The concrete floor will contain integral coloring. Next we will frame walls and set trusses.

Please call us if you want to find out more details, or have a project we can help you with. 541-754-6326.

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