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Audubon Footbridge Completed

Carl Christianson

G. Christianson Construction is proud to support the Corvallis Chapter of The Audubon Society by building their footbridge to the far side of Oak Creek. The Corvallis Audubon Society just had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new footbridge. This was a great opportunity for G. Christianson Construction to support a local non-profit organization by building this project at cost.

Below are pictures from constructing the bridge. We excavated on both sides of the creek and then poured concrete footings and abutments. The concrete abutments include galvanized steel brackets and wing walls to keep the creek from eroding away our gravel ramps. While this preliminary work was being completed, we custom ordered glulams and then had them pressure treated and delivered (a five week process). Once the beams and decking arrived onsite, we used a Cat 915 excavator from ED Hughes Excavating to set the two 40 foot long glulam beams. By strapping the beams to the bucket of the excavator, the operator was able to reach out and set the beams without crawling into the creek. The next step was to bolt the beams to the galvanized steel brackets and then bolt handrails to the beams. After that was completed, we set pressure treated 2×6 deck boards and finally built the handrails. All of the screws were Stainless Steel to reduce corrosion and the bolts were all hot dipped galvanized (again to reduce corrosion).

Again, congratulations to the Audubon Society of Corvallis for raising funds for this project and completing the boardwalk from the bridge into the forest.

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