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BIBS Insulating System

Carl Christianson

The Master bedroom suite room addition was approximately 550 square feet. The wall height was determined in order to match up the fascia from the addition and the existing house. The homeowners wanted extra insulation for comfort as well as energy efficiency. Wherever possible the contractor utilized the Blown in Blanket System (BIBS). BIBS is a patented insulation system in which a fibrous netting is tightly stapled to the interior face of the studs and then chopped formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation is blown behind the netting. When correctly installed this process will not settle over time, packs in around wires and other obstructions and has no voids. Additionally, 1 inch rigid R-Max foam was nailed to the interior of the stud covering the BIBS in the exterior walls.
The I joist floor framing (containing the plumbing and Hydronic heat home runs) were also filled with R-38 BIBS which was covered with Gorilla Wrap air barrier paper. R-67 BIBS was used in the vaulted scissor trusses and R-23 was utilized in the 2×6 walls. Where BIBS was not usable, unfaced formaldehyde free R-50 batts were used. The owners are pleased with the resulting comfort and energy efficiency of the room.

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