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Closer Examination of Weatherization Contracts

Carl Christianson

A recent client of ours opted to use us for duct sealing and blower door testing but thought they would save money by doing the insulation portion themselves and contracting directly with a subcontractor. When the insulation company showed up to do the work however, it was realized that several key items were missing from their original bid that ours had included. Luckily these things were able to be added in while the work crews were there but at extra expense. The final cost of the job came very close to our original contract price.
If your estimators are not going into the crawlspaces and attics and physically looking at the jobs in detail, most of the estimates they give you will allow them to leave out items that can be added later to bring the final price up.
As a Contractor: we will stand behind any work we are contracted to do with you directly. If we need to replace a subcontractor to ensure the work is done correctly and to our standard, you can be certain that it will happen.

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