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Comfort in the Home vs. Energy Savings

Carl Christianson

Insulation upgrades: when does it make a difference? We often look at jobs here in Corvallis where older homes with minimal insulation are being renovated. One of the easiest and best ways to tighten a houses thermal performance is through adding insulation to walls, ceilings and floors. As many people later find, doing this single simple upgrade can lead to huge comfort factor to your existing house. People often talk of energy savings from window and door upgrades, what to expect and which makes more sense. In reality there is no magic bullet to improving a house, each is unique in needs and construction. When you think of doing upgrades, think of the comfort level you will get from the alteration, not the money you expect to receive from the energy savings. A comfortable house is healthier, more environmentally stable, safer and all in all a better living environment. When we built our office downtown off of 4th street, we new we would be close to the traffic noise of the road. Choosing a few simple cost effective upgrades helped us block out a vast amount of the daily traffic buzz thus making our internal space quieter and more efficient. Was the minimal effort worth it? Without a doubt! This type of consideration becomes an important part of each and every one of our jobs.

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