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Cooler Weather Has Moved Into Corvallis

Carl Christianson

We have been working with many people lately to improve their comfort in their homes. While basic weatherization is the low hanging fruit on these improvements, it may be time to take a closer look into heating systems for many. One of the easiest ways to do this in a small home or a larger house where conventional ducting may not be available is to consider the addition of a new Mini Split heat pump. While these units have been used for many years in the commercial front, it is good to see that many of the large manufacturers have recently turned their attention to marketing these in the residential arena. These systems perform better when sized appropriately and can reach seer ratings of 23 and are amazingly efficient at heating and cooling both. The newer generation of heat pumps have the ability to perform better at lower external temperatures and cost significantly less that electric resistance type heaters. Super quiet running and infrared sensors allow these units to adjust and direct heat where it is most needed. Tired of feeling the chill. Consider one of these ceiling mount or wall mount units along with basic insulation improvements to battle the chill. No duct work necessary as they can be point of use, or can also be ducted between rooms to target where they are needed most.

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