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Greg Earns Certified Aging in Place Specialist Designation

Congratulations to Greg! He earned the Certified Aging in Place Specialist designation from the National Association of Home Builders. This program provides professionals the training and knowledge to enable them to accommodate the needs of the aging population of Corvallis. It’s important that you live in a home that is safe, secure and easy to move around in. To remain in your home, hallways may need to be widened, ramps installed and kitchens and bathrooms redesigned.

For example, on a current bathroom remodel, our clients requested help creating an accessible, modern design. Greg is working with our designer to eliminate tripping hazards, add grab bars, remove the slippery flooring, widening doorways and add lighting. We are also designing a ramp with handrails and an automatic opener for the front door.

Greg understands accessibility issues on a personal level. Greg and G. Christianson Construction built a new accessible home for his aging parents as well as an accessible Master Suite Addition for his own home.

Greg’s CAPS certified professional training includes the unique needs of seniors, modifying homes so you can live there longer as you age and addressing the most common barriers in a home.

If you are concerned about making your home ‘aging ready’, Greg Christianson a CAPS certified professional would be very helpful in making sure your future needs are addressed during your remodeling project. Please call us at 541-754-6326 if you would like to find out more.

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