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The Best Craftsmanship – Dovetail Joinery

G. Christianson Construction

Using dovetail joinery will take a project to the next level in strength, endurance, efficiency, and aesthetic.

We used this technique on a recent sunporch project which had a simpler look to the design, featuring exposed posts. Our production team decided that the best course of action was to prefabricate the Cedar framing members in the controlled conditions of our workshop, using dovetail joinery. Prefabrication allows on-site assembly to be much more efficient.

The way that dovetail joinery is constructed due to the connection of the ‘tail’ and ‘pin’ shape makes it very difficult to pull apart, and when glue is added, makes it almost impossible to pull apart. This strength is so important for constructing a project that lasts for the longest possible time, and it can’t be achieved with metal connectors or nails and screws alone. The longer a project lasts, the happier the clients and the least amount of waste is produced.

Our team also uses the dovetail technique in our cabinetry, for the greatest endurance in performance. The dovetail technique does not only produce great performance, but it also looks beautiful. Check out some photos of this sunporch!

‘Before’ photo

‘Design’ plans





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