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Duct Work Feeling the Winter Rain

Carl Christianson

Here is an example of a home we recently completed repairs on. Notice the ductwork that was never strapped to the framing and therefore rusted through in the crawlspace. This client had had made many attempts with sub contractors over the years to make repairs to their system with little or no response. To be honest the work involved is not glamorous or a big money maker for us. We feel however that such basic repairs are both important and we do our best to fix these neglected systems. We re-strapped the entire system to the framing, duct sealed all duct work, connections and replaced all rusty parts. What a difference some crawling and honest labor make. I feel lucky to provide such a valuable service to those in need.

Rusty ducts fro ground contact, notice the duct tape connections

Rusty ducts carry no heat

Another temporary fix corrected.

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