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GCCI has just completed PTCS certification: What does it all mean?

Carl Christianson

With our specialty equipment and training we can pressurize your house as well as your ducts to determine the amount of leakage that exists within your conditioned air delivery system.

Your HVAC system is made up of two parts working together. The source of the heating and cooling and the delivery system. As most HVAC contractors push on up selling you high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, a large part of your heating and cooling loss may be located in the delivery system.

Leaky ducts have large negative impacts on efficiency, comfort, safety and most of all health. Most home owners never consider what may be found within the ducts of their house. Large leaks from attic returns can constantly draw in fiberglass particles and dust from unheated space.

Leaky supplies and returns can result in poor heating and cooling, increased risk of allergy, Hot or cold spots, general poor air quality and just plain high bills.

We do a pre test to check the amount of leakage to the outside conditioned space.

Our specialty trained guys can then seal your ducts and improve your performance to enable you utilize the efficiency of you HVAC equipment.

Our post test will then measure your reduced leakage. If your system leakage is reduced by 50% you qualify for Energy trust rebates as well as Department of Energy tax credits.
The ETO rebate is currently listed as 50% of the job cost for sealing the ducts up to $400.00.
The ODOE tax credit is 25% of the cost of the sealing job up to $250.00
The initial duct test rebate is $35.00

How can you afford to pass this up?

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