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Handicap Accessible Master Suite Addition

Carl Christianson

This remodel was driven by the need for a handicap accessible master suite. The first option the homeowners explored was to remodel their existing second floor bathroom to make it handicap accessible and to install an elevator or lift to the second floor level. That option was deemed awkward (there just was no good place to install an elevator) and thus was less desirable (from an appearance sake and resale value) than to add a handicap accessible master suite on the first floor. The designer was able to design the new addition so that it actually enhanced the existing structure. A corner cabinet in the existing family room was removed, being replaced by an entry hall into the master bedroom and bathroom suite. In order to accomplish this the hot tub was relocated and the deck reduced slightly to accommodate the room addition. The deck can now be accessed from both the family room and the new bedroom. An entrance and hallway from the garage was constructed so the bedroom can be accessed directly by another entrance. When the need arises, a handicap ramp can be built from the garage into the bedroom.

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