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Helen and Clay’s Kitchen Remodel

Carl Christianson

We met Clay and Helen through a project we completed at their work. They were impressed with our persistence to complete their work project on time and budget. So they asked us to take a look at removing the kitchen cabinets and partition wall that separated their kitchen with the living room. Since they both cook, there just wasn’t enough space to be efficient in the kitchen. They also wanted to open the room up for better lighting. Once the wall was gone a new kitchen island would provide the cooking countertops and socializing space they wanted. We discussed refinishing their existing cabinets, but decided they wouldn’t look good with the new island. The kitchen project included new custom made frameless beech cabinets,  granite “Emerald Pearl” countertops, recessed lighting and pendants, cork floating flooring (to reduce noise downstairs and squeaks), Shaw Anso Nylon carpets, a Milgard Montecito sliding glass door, a new stainless steel sink and faucet, a new Milgard Montecito window and ceramic tile backsplashes. We replaced the countertop in the guest bathroom with Cambria quartz. We even built a custom cabinet system for their clothes in the master walk-in-closet. Clay and Helen are very excited about their new kitchen! Please give us a call to find out how we can help your home 541-754-6326.

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