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Home Energy Audit

Carl Christianson

We have just launched a new service:


A thorough inspection can save up to 30% on energy costs with
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

When was the last oil change on your car?  You know that your car needs to be well maintained for maximum performance and longevity.   You know that the cost of regular maintenance is money well spent. If your car breaks down, the cost of repair is usually much greater than the cost of maintenance.  But have you considered “looking under the hood” of  your largest investment, your home?

Your home, much like your car, is a modern piece of machinery with thousands of pieces all working in concert to provide you with a safe, comfortable and cost effective place to live.  Unfortunately, many homes fall short in key areas.  Do you have cold areas in your home?  High energy bills?  Mold or mildew that never quite goes away?  These can be indicators of serious problems and potentially major health risks.

In these days of rising gasoline and energy prices, you need to keep your car and your home running efficiently.  We here at G. Christianson offer more than 25 years of advanced, environmentally sound building experience to help you keep a healthy home. Call G. Christianson Construction to thoroughly test, inspect and fix your home.



  • The centerpiece of this audit is the EPS report.  Similar to a miles per gallon rating, but for a home.
  • Using advanced software and diagnostic equipment, we analyze your home’s energy use.  Where are you losing dollars and why?
  • Combustion appliance safety diagnostics by a BPI certified inspector.
  • Comprehensive building report with color photos and detailed recommendations covering both energy savings and general building performance.
  • Click for more information and frequently asked questions.
  • Cost: $475 (you may qualify for a $150 Energy Trust incentive)

Please give us a call now to start saving money. 541-754-6326

– Carl

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