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Mike and Karen’s Deck is Under Construction

Carl Christianson

Karen and Mike approached us last fall about building a new three level deck to connect the main floor of their home to the outdoors. Their old deck had significant rot and was unsafe. After meeting them at their home, I took some quick measurements and sketched up some deck ideas in Google Sketchup. We refined the ideas and decided that an aluminum deck surface (NextDeck) with stainless steel cable handrails would look best. Construction begin in January, with a few breaks for inclement weather, we are well on the way to creating their dream deck.

This week we’ve finished the deck skirt (HardiPlank siding with Tamyln aluminum trim) and an under deck roof to protect the deck furniture during the wet season. Next week we will be installing the down-shining LED ribbon lighting underneath the handrails followed by the deck surface and finally the stainless steel handrail cable. We will post pictures once we complete the project.

Please give us a call if your deck needs improvements before summer begins 541-754-6326.

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