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Mike & Terri’s Carport to Garage Conversion

Carl Christianson

Mike and Terri gave us a call in February about enclosing their carport with two new walls, doors and a new garage door. They hired Bruce Osen to create a hand drawn design to capture their ideas and the spirit of their home. I told Mike we could start as soon as he desired. Once we agreed on the price of the project and had the permits in hand we began by temporarily supporting the carport and roof by installing temporary posts and beams. Then we removed the old columns, sawcut the slab and dug out the old concrete. Next we poured new reinforced concrete footings and stem walls. Our crew framed up the new walls with 2×6 lumber, OSB sheeting for shear strength, 5/8” exterior AC grade plywood sheeting and battens to match the look of the house’s siding. One of the hallmarks of our projects is that we focus on making the addition seamlessly match the existing house.

We installed two ThermaTru fiberglass doors with Sclage F51 Plymouth knobs and Schlage deadbolts. We installed a Therma Tech insulated Traditional Raised Panel Steel Sectional garage door with a Genie Chain Drive garage door opener. On the north side of the garage we installed three PlyGem horizontal sliding windows to let in fresh air and light. Inside the garage we installed drywall and paint. The city required a new layer of 5/8” fire rated drywall on the walls between the house and the garage. Mike and Terri are also going to replace the doors into the house with new fire rated doors. Mike and Terri are very happy with our work.

Please give us a call if you are tired of your carport and are ready to convert it to a garage! 541-754-6326

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