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New Driveway Pavers

Carl Christianson

Originally the driveway on this project had been compacted gravel with poured concrete curbs on either side. In order to install pavers the top 3” of driveway gravel was removed. The disturbed gravel was compacted with a roller compactor. A one inch thick layer of bedding sand was placed on the gravel base. Pavers were installed by hand on the prepared base. Holland series pavers were installed in a herringbone pattern. This driveway was approximately 1525 square feet. Pavers were cut to fit the edges of the driveway. Polymeric sand, a compound to reduce grass and weed penetration of the pavers, was swept between the pavers. One of the advantages of using the pavers (as opposed to asphalt or concrete) is that if in the future a pipe needs to be laid under the driveway or a tree root lifts part of the driveway, the pavers can be removed, repairs made and then replaced. The final product is an elegant and functional driveway.

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