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New Photo’s from John & Bea’s Home

Carl Christianson

We have just completed John and Bea’s home and have some new photos to share. We’ve talked about some of the amazing features in this home as we were installing them, but it is spectacular to finally see their dream home. One of the unique features is the locally milled madrone hardwood flooring. There are also some spectacular aesthetic features:  lighting by solar tubes from the roof to the basement, a custom cedar sauna, a high efficiency wood stove with soapstone accent, soy-based concrete stained floors, custom handrails, spectacular tile bathrooms, a tile dog washing shower, dog doorbell, custom colored American Clay (plaster) accent wall, recycled Eco quartz countertops by Cosentino, commercial grade appliances, a garage with a sunroom, a curved concrete interior stairway. We are really proud of this home.

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