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Progress at Bill & Tammy’s Addition

Carl Christianson

Bill and Tammy’s bonus room above their garage is in full swing. We have completed siding, drywall and bathroom tile. The next step is painting the interior trim with oil based paint for the highest quality finish and then installing the 8” hand scraped factory stained and finished hardwood floors. Since the floor planks are about three times as wide as a standard hardwood floor, we have to add special gluing and nails to attach the floor well. The dark, wide planks will give the space a rustic charm without looking too busy. Once the floors are in we can finish the trim work, install the countertops, doors and wrap the project up. Their addition is spectacular, you can see the progress we’ve made in the past two months.

Please give us a call to find out how we can meet your schedule with your next project. 541-754-6326.

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