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Seamless Entry Into New Addition

Carl Christianson

According to the designer, one of the most difficult parts of designing a new addition is the transition area between the existing room and the new addition. In this addition the designer achieved the success that she strove for. The new room blends seamlessly into the existing room. A corner cabinet was removed and the east wall of the existing family room was opened up. A small hallway was created to access the new master bedroom. A small 2’x5’ window gave the hallway plenty of light. A sconce to match the bedroom fixtures was also placed on the wall of the master entry. New cabinetry was added to the family room to house the media equipment. The cabinetry was recessed into the wall in common with the master walk in closet. Doors were built in the back side of the recessed entertainment center (accessed from the master closet) to facilitate installation or adjustment of all the AV equipment.

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