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Seth and Robin’s New Tile Shower

Carl Christianson

Seth and Robin first talked to us about a month ago about updating their master bathroom. Robin found photos online of bathroom styles that she likes. We met with them in their home to find out what they had in mind. Their home is from the 1940’s and was custom built with a lot of unique features. However, their master bathroom was looking dated. The old tub was surrounded by yellow and black tile, the window didn’t open, and there was a large vent to the outdoors behind a cabinet door. Robin wanted to convert the tub and its room into a shower room, with modern styling. We talked though some of the details and found out that Seth would like to help with the project to keep costs down.

Seth is very handy and offered to take on a large portion of the project. We are going to install new large style tile, a glass shower door, new lighting, an exhaust fan, a new privacy window, drywall, insulate and redo the plumbing. Seth is going to demolish the existing tub and tile, paint, install the bathroom (not wet areas) tile floor and install the new cabinets.

We enjoy working with handy homeowners, and don’t mind letting the homeowner be involved to help keep the project costs down. Of course, there are certain activities such as electrical, plumbing and shower tile that should be done by a professional. For this project, we are having Mid Valley Tile provide the tile and install it.  The shower floor will be sloped to a four foot long linear drain with United Island Pebbles as the floor tile. The shower walls will be similar to Wanke Cascade Alchimie Gris with a custom accent on the right and left walls in Emser Metro Gray. Using their tile choices, we were able to provide a rendering of their shower room to help fine tune the design.

Please give us a call 541-754-6326 if your shower needs some help

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