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The Insulation and Weatherization Game

Carl Christianson

There has never been a better time to upgrade your house for insulation, new HVAC and insulated windows. The down side to all of these improvements however is the paperwork on chasing these programs who offer the rebates and tax incentives as their flood of paperwork for sending these to their intended recipients is more overwhelming than ours as approved contractors for their programs.

Now that the weather in Corvallis has begun to change from long summer easy temp to drizzle and colder nights many of the people who were on the fence for these projects are now realizing that the funding for some of these programs is under threat of running out.
For duct testing and sealing, we are still able to handle a few new jobs a week and complete them in relatively short order. When it comes to complete duct work revisions, insulation and duct wrapping however, we are feeling the crunch and are more reliant upon our suppliers and sub trades. This means longer than normal waits for those services.

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