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Trouble Heating Your Home? Could Be the Ducts, Not the House!

Carl Christianson

I have been looking at many homes lately as a result of our Complete Efficiency business here in Corvallis. On a number of occasions I have found folks who have bought into the new furnace idea in order to make their home more comfortable. One good point to bring up however is that if your home is not heating effectively there are a number of reasons that this can be possible. While many would have you point to the furnace as it seems to be obvious conclusion, there are other reasons that can lead to the same end result.

Here are some photos of a home with a newly installed high efficiency furnace where animals have chewed through the outer and in some places the inner liners of insulation to make themselves more comfortable in the attic space.

Note that in some places nearly 7 linear feet of exterior plastic has been chewed completely off the flex ducting. When the furnace was running I could actually feel the heat blowing enough to lift my hair in the attic.

Animal damaged flex duct in attic space. Problem is not the furnace but the delivery system

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