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Updated News from Paul and Doris’ Home Addition

Carl Christianson

Framing at Paul and Doris’ house is progressing at a fast pace. We are adding a master bedroom and a master bathroom on the main level of their home and finishing it to their custom specifications. In a previous blog post, I uploaded some renderings that we used to help finalize the design. I’m looking forward to see how the renderings compare to the final pictures.

On Saturday, our framer finished setting the trusses and sheathing the roof. You can see in the photos how the ceiling in the master bedroom is vaulted to maximize sunlight into the room. This week our roofer will install new shingles and the plumbing and mechanical work will be “topped out”. This means that they will extend the plumbing into the walls and ceilings so that we will be ready to install drywall. Next week, the electricians will finish their rough-in work as scheduled. The electrical wiring will be run through the walls and ceilings for the outlets, switches and lights. Following that we will be installing insulation and drywall will follow.

The vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom is really spectacular, I don’t think the pictures below do it justice. We worked with the truss company to build trusses with additional vaulting height (above what was originally planned and shown in the renderings).

Please call if you are interested in more details, or have a project you would like to discuss.

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