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Using Google Sketchup to Model a New Handrail

Carl Christianson

We recently were asked to provide a quote for railings in front of a Corvallis home that we remodeled a few years back. The owners have a few older friends who have difficulty walking up the concrete stairs in front of their house when they come to visit. We have quite a bit of experience adding hand rails and ramps to homes in Corvallis. In order to decide what type of hand rail would look best in front of their house we utilized a popular drawing tool Google Sketchup. This program provides an easy way to model objects in 3 dimensions. This provides the capability to visualize a remodeling project before it starts. For example, we sketched up a new powder coated steel pipe handrail system. We can place the model over the top of a photo to help the owner visualize the new handrail. The sketches allow the owner to decide if a simple top handrail is what they desire or something more complex and aesthetically pleasing. In this case, a bottom rail and balusters were overwhelming.

Once the homeowner approves the contract, our fabricators will go to the home and build the handrail system onsite, which saves time and money because they can avoid extra trips to and from their shop (and make a handrail that fits perfectly the first time). We can also have the handrail specially bent to follow the curve of the retaining wall. When the handrail is complete, they will finish the welds at their shop and then powder coat the steel. The powder coating process provides a very durable long lasting coating which is baked onto the metal. Please call us if you are interested in seeing your next project modeled as part of the construction or remodeling process.

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