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Video for Design of John and Bea’s Home

Carl Christianson

The architect for John and Bea’s custom Corvallis home (Don Livingstone of Livingstone Studios Architecture & Planning, LLC) created a video explaining how he designed their home and h0w he communicated his thoughts. The short video shows how we turn the design from paper to reality. I think you will be impressed by the video of our work.

By creating 3D models of their home early in the design process, Don was able to show John and Bea roughly what their home would look like.  This allowed the homeowners to modify the design to fit their needs (and visualize their changes). Don was also able to maximize passive solar design by using the shadow tools to modify the size of the overhangs to keep out the sun’s heat in the summer and bring in light in the winter.

Please give us a call if you would like to know more about their home or how we constructed it,

541-754-6326. – Carl

Livingstone Studios from Vito West Creative Videos on Vimeo.

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