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Volunteer Supervisor at Habitat for Humanity

Carl Christianson

Today, G. Christianson Construction donated our lead carpenter Tanner’s time for a full day supervising the site. Tanner is busy overseeing a group of volunteers hanging siding, building a deck and painting.

Last weekend, G. Christianson Construction volunteered with Habitat for Humanity’s National Women’s Build Week event in Philomath. On Saturday, I helped with siding and on Sunday I volunteered as the project’s site supervisor. We also donated $250 to support the construction effort.

This year Habitat is re-siding a home in Philomath to help keep a single mother with three children in her home. The house’s old T1-11 siding was installed directly onto the framing with no vapor barrier or sheathing, the only thing that would keep water out is the caulk around the windows. As you can guess, this caulk had failed and water was coming in around her windows in every rainstorm. This project will replace her windows, install new siding, insulation, trim and paint her house. We are excited to be helping out.

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