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Volunteering Again at Habitat for Humanity

Carl Christianson

G. Christianson Construction spent Saturday January 28th volunteering at Habitat for Humanity’s Philomath project. This past weekend, we trenched and installed conduit to provide power to the duplex. I must admit, this may not have been the best time for trenching because the ground was very muddy. We weren’t deterred by the mud and completed the task, so the power company should be able to provide power to the homes shortly. While it may have been easier to wait to install the utilities, Habitat decided that power is going to be necessary to heat the homes before installing the interior finishes.

The weather was again great at the 12th street project and we had a great time with the other volunteers including a group of guys from FIJI House.

Benton Habitat for Humanity is a program that supports local low income people by building and then selling low-cost homes at zero percent interest rates. The low income home buyers are required to provide sweat equity. We support their mission by volunteering and donating building materials to the Habitat Re-store.

“Benton Habitat for Humanity is a countywide, ecumenical ministry that seeks to eliminate sub-standard housing and to make decent shelter a matter of action and conscience. By having people from all income levels work together in equal partnership, Habitat builds new relationships and a sense of community, as well as new housing.”

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