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Water Damage & Freezing Temperatures

Carl Christianson

The big freeze has hit Corvallis. As you know, the drop in temperature to record lows has caused a lot of problems around town. If you are unlucky, you may find that your home has frozen or broken pipes. Once those pipes thaw, water can flood your home. The first step is to turn off your water valve and call a plumber (we can give recommendations, since we work with plumbers every week). Your insurance company will dispatch a disaster restoration company to remove damaged materials and dry out your home. Most of these companies don’t have the experience or skills to rebuild and restore your home to the condition it was in. This is where G. Christianson Construction’s experience as a General Contractor can help you out significantly. We have 27 years of experience in Corvallis with custom building and remodeling and we stand behind our work. Our stellar reputation precedes us and our past clients will testify to our high quality work.

We will review your insurance adjuster’s estimate to ensure you are getting a fair value from your insurance company.

We are currently working on three water damage restoration projects and we have the capacity to help you restore your home or business.

Please give us a call 541-754-6326

– Carl

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