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What A Difference A Week Makes

Carl Christianson

Here are some recent photos of the progress we made on our new green build over the holiday week. Basment floor is now framed and floor joists are up. First floor sheathing will begin tomorrow. Following the installation of the floor sheating, ICF foundation work will begin again and the exterior first floor walls will be poured and completed.
As soon as the first floor walls are poured we can focus back on trusses and drying in. Weather has been a facor here lately in Oregon and I will begin documenting some of the many problems we have encountered along the way in this process.

By looking at the floor joist it is now much easier to begin seeing the size and space this home will capture. Imagine the view from this level and you can begin to see finally what a view cut can do for a lot when talking about design elements. Both levels of this house will offer extraordinary views as well as privacy from the road and neighbors. Courtyards for spring and autumn living will be utilizing the indoor outdoor living available in climate like Corvallis, Oregon.

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