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Windy Weather Causes a Tree to Fall on This Corvallis Home

Carl Christianson

This past weekend’s wind combined with saturated soils caused a few trees to fall in the Corvallis area. One homeowner called and asked us for help on Monday. We arrived and helped install tarps on the roof, temporarily repaired some shingles and installed plastic sheeting indoors to contain the damage. The homeowner hired Carl Berg with Limbwalker to cut the tree into rounds the following day. We offer tree removal services for smaller projects.

We brought our structural engineer out to inspect the home on Tuesday and determined that 5 of the trusses over the family room are shattered beyond repair. Another 8 trusses have their top cords broken, but are likely repairable. The second floor ridge beam and several rafters were shattered as well. To replace the trusses in the living room, we will need to remove the living room ceiling, and that portion of the roof.

Fortunately, the home is insured. We have experience working with insurance companies and adjusters and frequently find mistakes in the adjuster’s reports that may help you get fairly compensated for your home’s damage. In fact, a few years ago we removed fallen trees from Joyce’s home and Paul and Nancy’s home across the street and repaired the damage from those trees as well.

We will provide the homeowner a contract for repairs this week and once signed we will start making the repairs immediately.

Separately from the insurance work we will be adding recessed lighting in the living room and replacing an old tub with a new tile shower.

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