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Winter Storm Water and Wind Damage

Carl Christianson

In the fall and winter we frequently begin projects to help people around Corvallis with water problems.

We are available on the weekends and at night if you need immediate help call Tanner at 541-760-7435 or Carl at 541-207-2240.

Some of the homes in Corvallis are built with little slope away from the house (typically 2% slope away is best), and in some older homes we even see downspouts just dump rainwater into the yard next to the foundation. A lot of this water often ends up in your crawlspace causing high humidity and potentially mold and rot in your crawlspace. The City of Corvallis suggests you pipe this water away from your home, out to the street where it is carried into the storm drainage system. We can provide the digging, piping and repair of your lawn. While this will improve your soggy yard and wet crawlspace, it helps to cause urban stream flooding as the rainwater gets into the streams very quickly. You may also consider installing rain cisterns to store water for the dry summer months or release it slowly. We also have had good luck with rain gardens which store water in small ponds until it is absorbed into the soil. We can build any of these systems for you. Please give us a call for a free estimate.

On Greg’s property he built two small dams that retain creek water to enhance the existing wetlands and reduce the quick burst of runoff from his house’s roof.

When the urban stream levels rise and cause flooding we often get calls for help. We can help you by sandbagging your home, setting up trash pumps and moving belongings to high ground. If your home has already flooded we can help you by drying out your belongings and making repairs to your home. This usually involves removing any wet drywall to dry out wall cavities, removing flooring to dry out subfloors and all the associated repairs. These projects can be complicated and we can help. Please give us a call if you need help. 541-754-6326.

During Sunday night’s windy stormy weather, the high winds blew down a tree on my house. Fortunately, we didn’t get much damage. We frequently fix tree damage to homes around Corvallis. Usually, homeowners will call us and we will send our crew to tarp the roof and control rain damage. Next, the insurance agent will come to visit and create an estimate for how much they think the work should cost. They often underestimate the damage and the cost to repair it. We will help you to negotiate with the adjuster so that they cover the cost of fixing the damage. Then we will proceed to fix your home as quickly as possible. We have the experience in new construction and remodeling to fix the damage to your home no matter how large or small. Please give us a call at 541-754-6326 if you need help. – Carl

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