Rose’s Deck

Rose's Deck

The wife of G. Christianson's founder Greg Christianson, wanted a space at her home that enhanced the beauty of her land and provided a functional area for entertaining guests. We replaced her back deck for safety, added a concrete patio area to her front yard that interconnected with her landscape and garden, and added fencing for privacy. We integrated lighting design into the landscape to highlight the same beauty shown during daylight.

Project details

Concrete Bench Walls

These intentional concrete bench walls create the feeling of different rooms through varying levels, and highlight great focal points with seating to entertain guests.

Screened Porch

The screened porch is perfect for enjoying all seasons of the Pacific Northwest weather year-round. The large glass windows enhance the view of the beautiful yard while providing protection from unwanted insects and long exposure to UV rays.

TimberTech Decking

TimberTech features high-performance 100% PVC technology which delivers powerful resistance to moisture damage, mold, rot, and swelling. Its slip resistant surface is safe and the material protects against UV discoloration and damage.

Detailed Concrete Surfaces

Our laborers produce high quality concrete work. No job is too big or small. Check out the intricate detailed work done on this project's front patio, displayed in the slideshow!

What our Clients are Saying

“We are repeat customers who demand high quality, high touch and tight timeframes of the large scale remodel projects for our Corvallis sorority. GCCI was also our go-to for the unexpected ... we received exceptional service to get the house livable in just over 2 week's time.”

Jen Humcke, Alpha Phi, Corvallis

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“Everyone was a delight to work with. GREAT advice on all issues. 100% commitment to top quality work and materials. Keep doing the same thing! We joke that we miss you guys and wish we had another project.”

Kyle & Suzie Cole, Corvallis

“...The work was done within the time frame they outlined to me. I am very happy with my interaction with this company.”

Beverly Clark, Corvallis