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How to Spruce up the Exterior of Your Home

Carl Christianson

Having been in business for more than 27 years, we here at G. Christianson have installed a huge variety of exterior projects. About five years ago, we resided our office and added landscaping using native Oregon plants. As you can see in the pictures of previous G. Christianson projects, new siding can really improve the “curb appeal” of a home.

We recently installed a new back patio and pergola on a customer’s home. The pergola replaced a very plain back deck and made the whole environment more comfortable and inviting. Pergolas can also be a good, decorative source of shade. We can help you determine the best pergola design with Google Sketchup and it’s Sunlight Rendering Feature.  A few of our customers even grow vine plants such as Wisteria on their pergola’s and trellises. We have also built trellises over fences to support grape vines.

One of our employees built a low fence with an arbor in the entryway to make the back yard feel a little more closed in from a street behind the house.

Whatever your situation, we can offer great advice and ideas to spruce up the exterior of your home. Go to our website at There, you will find more ways we can help you beautify your home.

Then call us for your free estimate!

– Tanner

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