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Paul & Doris’ New Master Suite

Carl Christianson

Doris and Paul decided to upgrade their home to accommodate them as they age rather than sell their home and move. They were partially inspired by a friend’s difficulties with stairs.  We worked last summer with Doris and Paul to remodel and expand their kitchen and add a new deck. You can see photos of their new kitchen on our Kitchens page. That project was the first stage of a larger plan to update their home and add a spacious master suite.

We provided Doris and Paul with a Master Suite design build solution by working with closely with our clients and local designer Susan Harthun.  The key to this design is to move their master bedroom and bathroom to the main floor level and plan ahead for accessibility. Greg’s experience teamed with his Certified Aging in Place training helped with many of the crucial details. The new bedroom will have expansive windows, vaulted ceilings, custom cabinetry and a door to the deck. We designed the deck last year with the new addition in mind. In the new bathroom, we are going to install a full tile shower with no curb, a beautiful soaking tub and radiant floor heating. The cabinetry is going to be made by a local business Eager Beaver Cabinets out of Clear Vertical Grain (CVG) fir. In addition, we are going to be reconfiguring the laundry room to make it more useable.

The home’s heating system is somewhat unusual, because it doesn’t have a natural gas furnace. Instead, it has a high efficiency heat pump connected to a forced air ducting system. To save Paul and Doris the cost of replacing their heat pump with a larger unit and higher energy bills, we are going to build their new addition with added insulation and a strong focus on airsealing to reduce air leaks. We are also going to air seal and insulate the existing home. The heating system will be modified by adding a zone to allow separate control of the temperature in the master bedroom and bathroom.

We created some renderings earlier in the design process to help Paul and Doris visualize their project. Some of the details have changed since we made the renderings. The project is in the final design and bidding stage. We will have more pictures and updates as the project progresses.

Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about this project 541-754-6326.

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