Simple Oregon Art Studio

A Simple Backyard Art Studio

We love this gorgeous and simple art studio we built for our clients in Southwest Corvallis. We tore down this falling apart cabin featured in the 'Before' photo to build this more attractive and useful studio! The exterior finishes match the finishes of the house and detached garage. It is as if the studio was there since the original construction of the house, but with the durable exterior construction we insist on and new interior finishes. The project features a full bath, sink/kitchenette, two garage doors, two side doors, a deck, and a large open space for working or living. It will also serve well as a short-term studio living space for visiting family or guests.

Project Details

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Adding two roll-up garage doors to this art studio makes it easy to enjoy the warm weather in the summertime while painting or crafting, and provides ventilation of any paint fumes that might be used. We added a cedar deck just outside the garage door to provide seamless indoor/outdoor living during the summer. The insulated double glazing in the doors also draws in lots of natural light, provides close-up views of Mary's River, but gives ample protection from any weather.


A Cedar deck was added to the side of the structure to take a break from working and enjoy the gorgeous yard. With the garage door rolled-up, it provides amazing outdoor space and feels perched just above the Mary's River. Cedar is a sustainable local wood species for a deck because it resists moisture, rot, and insect infestation, and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

LVT Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring was used for this studio for its durability and resistance to water, which is perfect for a space of many different uses. It also requires easy maintenance, which is great for a studio that is used on an inconsistent basis. The finish color of the LVT is classy but will hide any messes.


In order to make this dream project a reality, the G. Christianson team worked with a surveyor and the City to find the hundred year floodplain and keep the cabin just outside of it.

What our Clients are Saying

“We are very happy with our new enclosed porch! The design and bidding process was straightforward and thorough, and all aspects of construction - pouring a new slab, framing, installing windows and fixtures, painting, etc. - were completed in a timely manner and with the high standard of quality we wanted. We especially appreciated the extra precautions taken when Covid-19 impinged on the timeline, and the thoroughness of documentation and updating from G. Christianson throughout the process.”

David & Monica Roundy, Corvallis

“Everyone was a delight to work with. GREAT advice on all issues. 100% commitment to top quality work and materials. Keep doing the same thing! We joke that we miss you guys and wish we had another project.”

Kyle & Suzie Cole, Corvallis

“I have worked with contractors across the country. This contractor was prompt. Every change was posted with pictures within the project that you could view at any time. As a Project Manager, it is helpful to have a technical process of tracking. They even went beyond on a choice I had made. When the painter arrived, they noticed the colors were too close to the sign. They called me immediately to confirm. I would use them again! Great contractor!”

Stephanie Opperman, Caliber Home Loans