Spring Street Rebuild

Spring Street Rebuild

Rich and Janet approached us looking to downsize their home and move to Corvallis to live closer to family. They were drawn to our passion for passive solar and energy-efficient building, as they shared this same passion. They purchased a home with a good footprint near their daughter, and we tore down the existing old inefficient home to rebuild a new home that is efficient and has a floor plan layout that better fits their retirement needs while building on top of the existing foundation. Their new home reflects their modern style influenced by their travels and features electric car charging capabilities, a metal roof for durability, solar panels, and architecture that uses a passive solar design. The clients worked with Jan Fillinger of Studio-E Architecture to develop the plans for a beautiful home that is energy-efficient and worked in collaboration with our Designer Sarah to select the finishes of the home, creating a fantastic retirement home for these clients to enjoy for more than a lifetime!

Project Details

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Complete Home Removal & Rebuild

The new home was built on the saved existing foundation, as it was in good condition and added an additional 450 square feet of living space with a 250 square foot shop. This saved a significant costs of the project, and lowered the carbon footprint of the project due to the minimal use of new concrete pouring.

Artistically Fabricated Rusted Accent Paneling

The vision for the finishes of the exterior included the look of rusted panels as an accent used in conjunction with the James Hardie siding and panels to create a unique and modern look. Our Production Manager Ben Metzger intentionally rusted metal panels in different ways to provide options for the clients to select as the final panel look. This unique panel design also carries into the house behind the fireplace!

Decorative display cabinets

The Kitchen Custom Cabinetry features this fun way of showcasing art pieces that Rich & Janet collected over their years of traveling. The taller 9.5-foot ceilings of this home allow space for an 8.5-inch tall display shelf that is backlit to highlight their beautiful collection within the Kitchen cabinetry design.

Dining Room Hutch

For additional storage, a Dining Room built-in hutch was designed to match the Kitchen cabinetry, carrying the design further into the open floor plan and providing useful storage for items such as glasses, plates, placements, etc. The base cabinets are 15-inches deep but the opening was recessed 16-inches to accommodate the countertop overhang so that it was flush with the opening.

Preserving the Design Vision

The Architect and homeowners loved the modern look of a house with no eaves. To protect this design feature, we built the exterior walls with an additional layer of waterproofing. The exterior walls contain 3 layers of waterproofing protection: Siding, Rigid Insulation, and a Water-resistant barrier. For a design that has no eaves to protect the walls, the third layer of waterproofing gives our clients confidence in the durability of their home.

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

We installed a Heat Recovery Ventilator system in this new home in order to bring in fresh filtered air to the living spaces at all times. This mechanical system introduces fresh air to the unit that is mixed with the exhaust air, is pre-heated or cooled, and then filtered before entering the home. This system typically recovers about 60-95% of the heat in exhaust air, significantly improving the energy efficiency of the home and also filters the intake air so the home always has good air quality, even if the air is smokey!

Sealed with Aero Barrier

We used Aero Barrier to seal air leaks and improve the energy efficiency of the home. This allows greater control of the temperature of this home and decreases heating and cooling bills. After temporary blocking any areas that are not intended to be air-sealed, the home was pressurized with a modified blower door and fan, and the sealant was applied using a computer program that controls the distribution, temperature, pressure, and humidity of the sealant. We were able to show the client a final report documenting the pre and post leakage.

What our Clients are Saying

“Just wanted to send a little note your way to say thank you for our pretty and comfortable new home. Everyone raves, especially old friends who remember when… Thanks to all for everything. ”

Dave & Margy Buchanan, Corvallis

“Turning what was once a 1950's pink bathroom into an Artic Oasis was delightful for both the Client and G. Christianson Construction. ”


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“Working on this home was truly a one of a kind experience; every room had its own unique personality and story with custom hand-crafted tile throughout. In one of my favorite rooms, "The Swamp," every person who was involved on the project picked out tiles that they felt would represented them and signed the back. I was able to install these tiles as a memento of all of the hard work and dedication poured into the project. This was a fun acknowledgment of the craftsmanship and artistry involved.”

Evan Whitlow, Mountain Top Tile and Stone LLC

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