Hilltop House

An Embellished and Warm Craftsman Dream Home

This custom home, sitting above the City within the hills of Corvallis, was carefully crafted with attention to the smallest detail. The homeowners came to us with a vision of their dream home, and it was all hands on deck between the G. Christianson team and our Subcontractors to create this masterpiece! Each room has a theme that is unique and complementary to the essence of the home, highlighted in the Swamp Bathroom and the Dogwood Bathroom. The home features a thoughtful mix of materials, using stained glass, tile, art, wood, and color to create an ambiance that welcomes both the owners and visitors with warmth. This home is perfect for these homeowners, and fits right in with the nature surrounding the home!

“Working on this home was truly a one of a kind experience; every room had its own unique personality and story with custom hand-crafted tile throughout. In one of my favorite rooms, "The Swamp," every person who was involved on the project picked out tiles that they felt would represented them and signed the back. I was able to install these tiles as a memento of all of the hard work and dedication poured into the project. This was a fun acknowledgment of the craftsmanship and artistry involved.”

Evan Whitlow, Mountain Top Tile and Stone LLC

Project Details

Cedar Tongue & Groove Ceiling

Bright natural light washes over the ceiling of this Great room, highlighting the careful blending of light and dark pieces in this cedar tongue & groove paneling. The recessed lights set into the ceiling provide even illumination for reading or gathering in front of the fireplace.

Stained Glass

We worked with Steve Langston Art Glass to envision stained glass pieces that are true to the natural world. The stained glass above the stove was designed with multiple colors that transition from left to right to reflect changing autumn leaves. A lightbox installed behind the glass shines a soft light from top to bottom, as daylight would shine through the leaves of a tree found in nature.

Primary Shower

Each shower in the home features a gorgeous art piece constructed from tile. The shower in the Primary Suite takes shower design to the next level, with wood-look tile wainscoting, tile base trim, chair rail pieces, and tile crown moulding. The tile art piece on the shower wall was hand-painted from North Praire Tile and framed in with additional tile to appear as a hung painting.

Pantry Table Pull-Out

The Pantry Room features a pull-out table work surface built by Krabill Cabinets. The table can be rolled into a recessed space inside of the cabinetry to keep the small room clear for other tasks.

Shower Glass Installation

When a shower is installed directly adjacent to a tub, it is advantageous to utilize a portion of the tub deck as a shower bench. This maximizes space, minimalizes material costs, and looks impeccable. The shower glass was installed without a metal frame, and was carefully scribed to tightly fit the contours of the bench.

Custom Drawers

With a custom cabinet shop, we are able to build cabinet drawers and door sizes to suit the items that will be stored in specific areas. This entertainment center features drawers that perfectly store DVD cases.

What our Clients are Saying

“Everyone on the project was a pleasure to work with and we recommend them highly.”

Sandra Bean & Roger Blaine, Corvallis

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“There's a couple of unique features, certainly the stairway; That's really an organizing principle when you come into the house. When you come into the house, you see the stairs and you see right out to that super view. I think taking advantage of the view, and the way it functions and flows, I'd put it up there as one of the best projects I've done.”

Neil Richardson, Architect

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“... I appreciated their high level of professionalism, even perfection at times in different aspects of the project. I love my new bathroom!”

Jo Tynon, Corvallis

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