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More accolades for the Christianson Passive House!

Carl Christianson

Check it out: the Christianson passive house was published in Green Building & Design Magazine!

Single Family – Honorable Mention: Christianson Passive House in Corvallis, Oregon

The Christianson Passive House is a 1,935-square-foot single family home. By reducing energy using Passive House design, G. Christianson Construction was able to install enough solar panels to become net zero. The project’s carbon footprint is one-fifth that of a typical house built in Oregon of the same size.

Earth Advantage award 2017

CPHC®: Win Swafford, Jan Fillinger
PHIUS Certified Builder: Carl Christianson, G. Christianson Construction
PHIUS+ Rater: Ryan Shanahan, CPHC®, Earth Advantage
PHIUS+2015, PHIUS+ Source Zero Certified

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